Machine Characteristics Of Non-woven Slitting Machine

- Jun 20, 2016-

1. Non-woven slitting machine using thick steel plate welded together, the angle of balance, the machine in the high-speed working condition stable;

2. Non-woven slitting machine chrome plated steel machine, each after dynamic balancing;

3. unwinding using 3 inch inflation unwinding shaft, the maximum unwinding diameter up to 600mm

4. Winding 3-inch inflatable reel with magnetic powder tension controller winding, cutting operation is simple, the maximum winding diameter up to 600mm; winding beautiful and tidy;

5. Cutter can be used industrial blade or flat blade type (art blade) 18 [2] mm-1600mm between the adjustable tool;

6. Spindle and circular knife using CVT system can be used as high and low speed and positive and negative switching control; electronic speed control system, easy and simple;

7. Configure double-sided diamond grinding sharpening system; can be sharpened without disassembly, the blade to maintain long-term sharp; to achieve the best cutting quality; and attached to the vacuum volume, in order to keep the fabric and track clean;

8 using imported precision ball screw and slide, parallel to promote cutting width, imported AC motor adjustment system stepless adjustment and control of cutting speed, so as to achieve high-precision cutting, accuracy can be controlled within 0.1 mm;

9. Equipped with high-precision correction device system to further ensure the cutting accuracy;

11. The use of quick release design, feeding and cutting only one action can be completed, effectively reducing the amount of labor in production, thereby enhancing production efficiency.

11. Automatic counting device, at a glance