How To Choose The Paper Sheeter?

- Aug 22, 2016-

How to choose a paper cutter? We analyze the following points

1. mechanical structure

The earliest mechanical paper cutter was made of single track structure. The structure was relatively simple, and the debugging and maintenance were also convenient. However, the cutting accuracy was poor, which could not meet the requirements of high degree printing for paper cutting accuracy, and could not meet the requirements of middle and high-end packaging and printing products.

In 50s and 60s twentieth Century, Italy and East Germany's machinery manufacturers started the consumption platform, the grooved double track cutter, which was gradually replaced by the dovetail slot structure of West Bora company. At present, there are also the machine manufacturers who use the double guide paper cutting machine, but their overall structure and performance are not as advanced and applicable as the German pola company's paper cutting machine.

The paper cutting machine with double guide structure is very difficult to adjust the precision, and the price of changing the guide rail after wear is more expensive. It is convenient to adjust the precision of the cutting machine in the swallowtail structure. Once the wear is presented, only the plug iron can be changed. When choosing a paper cutter, it should be based on the actual situation of the products that I want to make, choose the cutter with two guides, or choose the paper cutter with the structure of dovetail groove.

2. safety

The paper cutting machine is different from other mechanical products. Safety is the primary problem in the selection and purchase of the paper cutter. Therefore, when printing machines choose the paper cutter, we must focus on investigating the safety and reliability of the paper cutter. For example, whether the paper presser is equipped with anti falling installation or not, and whether the moving parts can be equipped with a full barrier safety cover to avoid the accidents caused by the parts' breakage, and whether there is an electronic control system (such as electronic knife lock) in the running schedule of the paper cutter to indicate the safe range.

3. working efficiency and cutting precision

The mechanical paper cutter and hydraulic paper cutter's pushing device are controlled by buttons and handwheels when stopping and moving back and forth. Compared with the intended ones, the labor intensity of the operator is large and the efficiency is low. The program control paper cutter has improved the efficiency by stopping the cutting process and optimizing the cutting process.

At the same time of improving working efficiency, users also ask for cutting the paper with higher dimensional accuracy with the fastest cutting speed. Therefore, the most advanced ball cutter and straight-line bearing in the world are currently used in domestic consumption. Its characteristics are smooth transmission, high positioning accuracy and large accumulative error. It does not need to adjust the movement clearance for a long time, and eliminates the problem of cutting accuracy when a common guide is used for a period of time, due to the different wear level of the guide rail.

The efficiency and cutting accuracy of the paper cutting machine are one of the most important aspects of the printing enterprises to think about when they choose and buy the paper cutter. As far as this is concerned, the microcomputer program controlled paper cutting machine is better than the ordinary paper cutting machine.