Cause Of Cutter For Paper Sheeter Machine

- Jul 25, 2016-

In the long use of paper cutting machine, more or less there will be some failures, such as the phenomenon of knife. What is the phenomenon of connecting knife? It refers to when cutting the paper cutter, press the "cut" button, if the blade doesn't work normally, or run up or down more than two times. Even the knife is mainly due to cutting knife limit switch failure, does not come into contact with the limit switch or relay contact or adhesion caused by the slow. These failures will affect the normal use of the paper cutter. Today, the manufacturer of paper cutting machine answers the reasons for the appearance of the knife phenomenon in detail.

1. If the limit switch is not broken, it is indicated that the switch is out of control. Usually, the limit switch of the paper cutter has two contacts. As long as the group that forms a hollow idle switch is used, it can increase the probability of power failure, and at the same time, the probability of failure caused by contact will be reduced a lot when the cost is constant.

2, the cutter cutting control relay the frequent use of a long time, will increase the perceptual bearing large current impact, cause cold adhesion or contact action is slow, slow off, cause even a knife fault. It is suggested that the contact of a relay is replaced every few months.

3, if the brake device is suddenly cut off and the socket is loose, it will also cause the problem of the knife.