Advantages And Characteristics Of Thin Film Slitting Machine

- Nov 30, 2016-

1, The machine adopts microcomputer control, A4 copy paper slitting machine performance and features;

2, the center of coiling method, the host frequency control;

3, The machine adopts PLC touch screen control, servo motor, control fixed-length cutting;

4, the transmission system uses pneumatic, photoelectric sensors and other centralized control, the machine collecting light, electricity, gas integration. Easy to operate, cut high precision, round knife Slitting (or flat knife structure) waste edge automatic discharge equipment;

5, mechanical stability, low noise and other advantages;

6, motor frequency control, manual feeding (or pneumatic automatic feeding) unwinding reel with tapered sleeve air shaft (3,6), automatic meter, alarm and other functions, unwinding using photoelectric automatic correction correction system, Irregular materials can be properly sliced or (gas-sensitive hydraulic edge system);

7, magnetic clutch tension control. Automatic counting, alarm parking. Magnetic powder tension control. Rewinding using A, B axis (inflatable);

8, vertical multi-section cut, waste edge automatically removed by the fan.