Ten points of non-woven slitting machine matters needing attention

- Jan 31, 2018-

Non-woven slitting machine machine use note that there are ten points:

1. The machine power supply uses three-phase four-wire system (AC380V) and is grounded safely to ensure operator safety

2 boot before the host speed should be transferred to the lowest speed

3. Install the blade should pay attention to safety, so as not to scratch the blade

4. The machine needs refueling should be regularly maintained

5, Spindle and circular knife using CVT system, can work high and low speed and positive and negative switching control. The company is located in:

6, equipped with double-sided sharpening system, using diamond grinding, grinding wheel life of up to two years, the blade without disassembly. You can sharpen the blade to maintain long-term sharp, to achieve the best cutting quality. And with a vacuum loading capacity, keep the fabric and track clean. The company is located in:

7, the use of imported ball slides, parallel to promote cutting width, with precision ball screw imports and slide, cutting width control and 0.1 mm, to high-precision cutting. The company is located in:

8, the use of imported ball slides, parallel to promote cutting stability imported AC motor adjustment system stepless adjustment of the control of cutting speed translation and easy to wear, to achieve high quality cut. The company is located in:

9, the user interface using LCD Chinese display, you can directly enter a few kinds of load cutting width and number of settings, and with manual, automatic conversion function. The company is located in:

10, non-woven slitting machine with quick release design, one-stop place. Feeding only one action can be completed.