Slitter affect the efficiency of what

- Jan 31, 2018-

Most of the slitting machines used magnetic particle clutch to control the tension, but the speed of magnetic particle clutch is not high. During operation, it can cause high speed friction of magnetic powder, generate high temperature and shorten the service life, which will block the machine seriously and make the machine running blocked. With the development of science and technology and the application of servo drive technology, vector variable frequency motor is used to control the tension system of the slitter. With the automatic detection of the swing roller, the human-machine interface is intuitive, the tension system is more stable and reliable, and it is easy to operate.

With the improvement of the automation of flexible packaging and the attention of consumer products manufacturers to reduce the inefficiency and pollution of intermediate links, some manufacturers gradually change the technological process and replace the manual packaging with automatic packaging line with higher automation. With the increasing demand of the rolling material, the position of the slitting machine is becoming more and more important, which puts forward higher requirements for the working efficiency of the cutting machine.

To mention the efficiency of the slitter, many people feel that the efficiency of the slitter is only related to the speed of the slitter. In fact, the efficiency of the slitter is related to the following factors: cutting speed, yield, non operation time and stability. The cutting speed is an important index of the efficiency of the slitter, but if the yield is low, it will not only cause the low efficiency of the whole machine, but also increase the cost.

So, if the operation takes a long time, such as: machine, tool, tool, material, connection and change volume, dealing with long time consumption, simple to improve machine speed, there is no sense. The stability of the slitter is much less. It will not only affect the efficiency of the slitter, but also affect the quality of the product, and it will also cause trouble and unnecessary waste for the next process. So the working efficiency of the slitting machine is a comprehensive concept.

In the process of splitting, a stable tension system is an important index to ensure product quality. It controls the tension between unwinding, drawing, splitting and winding, and keeps the cutting material in a steady state during the process of cutting. If the tension is properly controlled, the deformation and drift of the raw material can be avoided in the process of the speed and speed of the machine. The general rewinding tension is slightly larger than the sum of the reel tension.