Semi-automatic paper cutter should pay attention to what issues

- Jan 31, 2018-

In the process of practice, the cutting machine must face a variety of objects.

In addition to paper and paperboard, there are also leather, plastic, cork floor and PS edition.

Because of the variety of the material to be cut, the pressure of different paper press should be applied to different materials.

The angle of cutting edge should also change to guarantee the quality of the cut product.

The choice of cutting edge angle is a very important part of cutting work. In other words, a good paper cutter,

It is necessary to have a good paper cutting blade and grinding process. But when we stop the after-sale service of the paper cutting machine, it is found that many paper cutter users often neglect this point.

As a result, the impact force in cutting is often increased because of the way, method, and angle of the cutting edge of the cutting blade.

Due to the loosening and even breaking of the insurance screws, mechanical damage is eventually formed.

The need to use the paper cutting machine is more and more wide, like beer and aluminum foil cap, carbon free paper, honeycomb cardboard, magnetic card, photographic film and so on.

These data will meet different practical problems in the process of cutting. For example, carbon free paper is easily indentation in cutting, and magnetic card,

The photosensitive film in cutting will show the paper press can not be fixed, causing discarding waste and so on. All these problems can be adjusted by the pressure of the paper press

The improved blade and cutting transmission system can be handled smoothly. However, these aspects of the technology.