Paper slitting machine rewinding fault and power failure troubleshooting

- Jan 31, 2018-

Paper Slitter is a wide web Slitter and rewinding into a wide range of different sizes, diameter rolls of paper processing equipment. Widely used in paper processing industry or prepress India mechanical equipment.

The rewinding comprises an upper rewinding roller, a lower rewinding roller, a rear rewinding roller and a pressing roller having the same linear velocity as the sequential rewinding roller, wherein the pressing roller is configured to rewind the upper paper The rewinding roller contacts the rear rewinding roller in a timely manner by the driving of a driving mechanism in the course of pulling the base paper at a high speed.

During the operation, if the paper slitting machine appears rewinding fault, we can proceed from the following three aspects: First, when winding the finished product running, the tension of the winding shaft is too tight, or there is close glue with the glue Relationship; Second, the semi-finished products in the winding wrinkles, may be appropriate to increase the pressure of the tension cylinder; Third, semi-finished products in the middle of relaxation, which is uneven with the glue, the substrate is not flat has a close relationship, Its flat, or unwinding shaft tension increased with a knife tube compaction substrate.

However, what should be done if, during normal work, it is not due to a mechanical operation failure, but a sudden power outage in the processing plant?

1, promptly cut off the power switch, to prevent sudden calls, causing unnecessary damage.

2, immediately on the paper Slitter paper cleaning, due to a sudden power outage, resulting in a part of machinery in the paper, in order to avoid leaving a residual paper in the paper Slitter and subsequent production.