Paper Slitter technical performance

- Jan 31, 2018-

Paper Slitter mainly in cutting machine cutting machine level of accuracy, accuracy of retention, quality and stability, ease of operation and safety and so on.

Domestic cutting machine technology level and the advanced countries have a certain gap, mainly as follows:

① control system is relatively backward, the lack of automatic detection devices, speaking from the control system, China has just started to use PLC, and abroad has adopted a full range of computer control, the use of computer control, the use of computers to monitor and adjust the implementation of the components, and can be preset Parameters, 自 automatic adjustment under computer control, greatly reducing the auxiliary time and ensure reliable work.

② poor completeness, domestic paper cutter rarely equipped with peripherals, namely: cutting production line.

③ appearance and ease of use there is a certain gap. However, through the hard work of domestic paper cutter manufacturers in recent years, the gap between domestic paper cutter and foreign products is rapidly narrowing, and some of the technologies are even at the leading level. The foreign ones are the basic color microcomputer programs, while the domestic ones mainly use digital display Mainly a variety of mechanical paper cutter lack of safety protection exist and sales, computer-controlled cutter is the development trend of the paper cutter, and is replacing the paper of other control methods with a large area at a faster speed.

Press the "cut" button, the cutter up and down more than two runs, even with knives. The main reason that leads to the knife with the cutter cutter cutter limit switch failure or not hit the limit switch, and the relay contact adhesion or stagnation.

Can not be ignored is the price of paper cutter, the price is an important factor in the choice of domestic paper cutter. Relative to foreign imports Cutter, the price has obvious advantages, excellent performance, price concessions is to promote customers to choose the main reason for the domestic paper cutter, and more in place after-sales service. Because of high cost, with practical and affordable features, the current domestic paper cutter market share of the highest.