How to exchange single-sided paper cutter?

- Jan 31, 2018-

(1) cutting machine is a kind of paper processing equipment, it in a series of paper and paper processing category has the widespread application, is a kind of general equipment.

(2) at the same time, the paper cutter plays an important role in printing machinery products. In the printing machinery product family, the largest annual sales volume is the small lithography press, and the second is the paper cutter, which is one of the essential equipments in printing enterprises.

(3) all kinds of paper in bookbinding to after cutting, such as cover, insert, ring lining paper, cardboard, paper cutter diameter and so on, is essential for printing and binding equipment factory.

(4) the blade of the paper cutting machine and the cutting plate of the cutter (knife bar), because of the increasing of the cutting amount, it will cause wear and tear, so it is necessary to stop the change in time. Change to pay attention to out of order, according to the operation in order to stop operation.