Film Slitter blade how to choose it

- Jan 31, 2018-

Film slitter is a fixed template to cut the machine. Film Slitter many types: a fully automatic die-cutting machine, automatic die-cutting machine, a round die-cutting machine, adhesive die-cutting machine, die-cutting die-cutting machine, bronzing die-cutting machine, Die-cutting machine, printing die-cutting machine and so on, the film slitter can be widely used in footwear, leather goods, luggage, toys, clothing, hats, plastic, packaging, wood car decoration and other industries.

In the film slitter work, the blade is particularly important, then how to choose the right blade?

Slitter blade in the final analysis is a kind of slitting machine blade, we can roughly be divided into: square cutting blade and circular cutting blade 2 kinds.

1, square cutting blade is mainly applicable to all types of membrane material cutting processing.

The most common type of slitter is the three-hole cutter, which is a very precise tool designed to reduce the chances of the slitters running at work and the high-performance shear at any time Select a pneumatic knife or a new non-pneumatic point from a high-performance series.

2, circular slitting blade is mainly applied to the paper, aluminum platinum, slab and other materials cutting.

The circular cutting blade style varied, so when we choose according to their own practical situation to choose, if you do not know what type of blade is good, you can consult our company. In the round blade before use, it must be a professional heat treatment.

To cut these high-grade materials, their requirements of high precision, no burr, no indentation, so cutting more difficult, sometimes cutting blade machine to achieve micron-precision, cutting blade cutting resistance required to minimize wear resistance maximum.

Thin film slitter blade material generally used: imported high-quality steel, tungsten carbide, high-speed steel, alloy tool steel, SKH-51, SKD-11, SKS7, SK2, Cr12Mov, H13,9CrSi, 6CrW2Si, W6Mo5Cr4V2, YG8, K30 .

Blade heat treatment: Selection of large diameter vacuum quenching furnace, heat treatment, blade hardness HRC53-65.

Finishing: The use of CNC machining machinery to ensure accuracy, the blade accuracy of 0.01-0.02 m.